Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pony in Sweet Dreams

My most recent purchase arrived in the mail the other day, the Pony in Sweet Dreams Babydoll JSK in white.  I obtained the set (including head bow and socks) second hand from the EGL Comm Sales.  The prior owner indicated that there is a light stain somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. ^^  This print is a 2009 release from Baby the Stars Shine Bright that came in black, white or pink.

This is a shot with the entire set.  See my earlier post for the AP blouse with the pink jabot.  I thought this JSK would make an excellent casual summer dress that I could wear without a blouse, but the dress is too low under the arms and exposes the top of my bra.  It can be worn without a bra, but it doesn't seem conservative enough for lolita. (T_T)

My little brother isn't so little, 6'5" (O_O), so I had to crop this one so that I fit in the frame.  He makes me feel small... ^^;

I love the look of the dress, though, and it can be worn without a petticoat for a more casual look.  I've already coordinating it with my new pink AP blouse and cardigan, both which are super cute!

Here's the top of the dress.   I really love the lace across the neckline, but I need to iron one side (it keeps folding down from being shipped that way).  There's a detachable bow that I removed because it was too busy with the cardigan.  It's in one of the shots above.

The JSK has pink bows and pink in the print, but there are also blue and purple accents in the print that will be fun to accessorize with.  The fabric seems durable and feels like thin canvas; the lace is also thicker and less prone to wear.

Note the purple nails - I was excited for the dress to arrive and had them already decorated in matching colors when it came.  Overall, this dress is very comfortable and cute without being OTT.  It's something I could use as daily wear.  I think this is my favorite dress yet!

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